Can I add water to the antifreeze?

Add only distilled water into the system if the coolant has evaporated. However, consider a couple of essential points:

  1. The water should be distilled. Components in untreated water can clog the car’s cooling system or cause a chemical reaction with the ingredients and additives present in the antifreeze.
  2. Do not add more than 200 ml of water. Otherwise, it can significantly dilute the coolant and make it lose its properties.
  3. The additives’ quantity, ratio, and chemical nature should be balanced to provide maximum anti-corrosion protection, reliable heat transfer circulation in the cooling system, and the inertia of the liquid to the non-metallic parts of the cooling system without excessive foaming. If the balance is disturbed, the volume ratio of additives changes. Mixing various additives deteriorate the cooling liquid performance significantly and can cause sedimentation. Water proportionally reduces the volumetric quantity, but the additive ratio remains the same.
  4. Antifreeze evaporation in summer is also due to the water content in the cooling liquid.


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