Cooling liquids

NORD PREMIUM antifreeze mixture
The ready-to-use high-quality mono-ethylene glycol based NORD PREMIUM antifreeze mixture provides efficient engine cooling and high protection of metals and alloys against corrosion and cavitations
NORD CARBOXYLATE antifreeze mixture
Ready-to-use, low-freeze cooling liquid (antifreeze) for use in the cooling systems of gasoline and diesel combustion engines of passenger cars, trucks, and heavy-duty machinery.
ALFA antifreeze mixture
Ready-to-use mono-ethylene glycol based ALFA cooling liquid with a package of anti-corrosion, anti-foam, and stabilizing additives forms a protective coating on the cooling system surface.
High-quality ALFA CONCENTRATE antifreeze is an optimal combination of mono-ethylene glycol with anti-corrosion, anti-foaming, stabilizing, and colouring additives.
FLEX antifreeze mixture
Ready-to-use, high-quality FLEX antifreeze mixture. Increased engine cooling efficiency, protection against overheating.
KZ COOL antifreeze mixture
Ready-to-use KZ COOL cooling liquid A high heat transfer coefficient. The thinnest protective film it forms at the beginning of corrosion extends the service life of additives.
NORD EURO STANDARD+ cooling liquid
Designed for the cooling systems of modern gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and trucks of any world and Russian brand, as well as heavy cargo and special-purpose machinery (construction, agricultural, mining, etc.).
KZ COOL cooling liquid
Year-round, ready-to-use low-freezing KZ COOL cooling liquid with a strong anti-corrosion effect. Mono-ethylene glycol based, with a package of European-made additives.
SEVER-40 cooling liquid
Ready-to-use, universal cooling liquid SEVER-40 is designed for the cooling systems of combustion engines operating at ambient temperatures from -40 C to +50 C.
NORD TRUCK antifreeze
Ready-to-use "Antifreeze NORD TRUCK" low-freezing cooling fluid is designed for use in the cooling systems of diesel internal combustion engines of trucks.
Ready-to-use "Antifreeze NORD AGRO PREMIUM" low-freezing cooling fluid is designed for use in the cooling systems of diesel internal combustion engines of trucks
Ready-to-use “Antifreeze NORD AGRO STANDARD” low-freezing cooling fluid is intended for use in cooling systems for gasoline and diesel internal combustion engines of trucks