BAGASHAR MEKEN has started whole-cycle production in 2009, with an initial output of 500 tons per year of the ready-to-use coolant. Today, the plant capacity is 25,000 tons per year.

The product capacity was achieved through constant modernization and using the equipment from the leading European manufacturers.

BAGASHAR MEKEN is definitely a flagship of cooling and technical liquids production in Kazakhstan!


Modern cooling and technical fluids production is a high-tech process that requires constant monitoring.

BAGASHAR MEKEN in-house laboratory fitted with all necessary high-precision equipment ensures product quality control at all stages of production. We do a constant in-depth analysis of incoming raw materials and finished product testing.

Our specialists have a wide experience in developing and producing a wide range of cooling and technical fluids. This guarantees high quality of products and compliance with all international standards.


PRIVATE LABEL is one of our core businesses. BAGASHAR MEKEN has a successful history of creating exclusive products. We actively cooperate with Kazakhstani and foreign partners selling products under their brands. We approach each customer individually, including formulation development, production, packaging, and creating an exclusive label.